Benefits of Double Glazed Aluminium Windows and Doors

September 30, 2016

When weather extremes prevail, double glazed aluminium windows and doors protect our homes and commercial premises. On the one hand, interior space is insulated by the glass and its lightweight frame, screened from the winter chill. Acoustic isolation is a secondary benefit, an especially welcome feature when the occupied structure is close to a highway or an aircraft's approach route. But how does the partnership between glass, an airy void, and an aluminium frame enhance these two desirable screening assets?

Framed by Talented Aluminium Frames

This noteworthy metal is governed by a set of extraordinary benefits. Market talk throws around the "space-age" term far too liberally, so it becomes a meaningless buzzword. But aluminium products do literally go into space and high altitude craft. It's a lightweight metal, of course, but it's unusually strong. This strengthened profile is supported by thermal efficiency, a benefit that's made possible by the addition of special thermal breaks. Finally, aluminium windows uphold aesthetic allure due to a refined transformative ability. In short, the metal can be anodised or coated to promote its good looks, all while reinforcing a natural trait for weather-resistance.

Double-Glazing Excels in All Departments

In adding two panels of glass to the toughened aluminium frame, heat losses are minimised. The temperature insulating property works in concert with a sound isolating component to create a wholly segregated space within the structure. Doors that employ this twin-isolating build adopt the same protective traits, although extra insulation may be needed around hinges and any potential contact points that exist between the bottom of the door and the surface of the floor. Next, of course, the trapped air or gas between the two panes of glass also makes a sizeable contribution to the thermal insulation equation, for this special gap stops the transmission of energy losses. In fact, more expensive double glazing solutions actually replace the air in this gap with other gases. Argon is a common replacement element, in this latter case.

The upshot of all of this isolation technology is a reduced fuel bill. That's a primary benefit, but imagine the supplemental advantages of this system. Noise is stopped short, so peace and quiet reign. Condensation is also removed from the room because an intervening pane of glass and a dehydrated air gap are inhibiting condensate formation. Indeed, the benefits of double glazed aluminium windows and doors are many, plus the addition of a contemporary aluminium frame enhances what is an already productive home asset.

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