Can You Paint Aluminium Windows?

August 9, 2016

If you have heard that aluminium doors and windows are good options, then you have heard right. In fact, aluminium windows are the best option because they insulate better than any other materials and are sturdy, durable and immune to rotting and rusting. Although, aluminium is attractive, in just a few months you may decide that the bare metal look isn’t the best match for your home and you may wonder if these can be painted.

Can you paint aluminium windows? The short answer is yes, whether they are awning windows, sliding windows, bi-fold windows, or double hung windows, these can be painted. However, there are some preparation and planning involved, to avoid potentially damaging the aluminium window frames.

If you are considering painting these yourself, for a DIY project, then here are a few tips that will help.

Step 1: Clean Your Windows

This goes without saying that aluminium windows should be cleaned regularly. However, when it comes to painting them, you will need to put some extra efforts into polishing them up. Find a clean cloth and bucket of soapy water for the task, then carefully make sure all dirt and grime build-up is removed.

Step 2: Get Rid of Stains

If you have had your aluminium windows for some time, there may be staining in places. If not removed completely, these will not only make the paint look uneven, but can cause the paint to chip in that spot. Although, there are plenty of aluminium specific cleaners available in the market, there are a few household items you can use such as baking soda or vinegar that are just as effective to get rid of stains on the surface of aluminium.

In hard to clean areas such as the corner of the windows, you can use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and grime build-up.

Step 3: Taping and Covering

Taping and covering areas not intended to be painted is an effective way not to make a mess. If at all possible, remove the glass, otherwise use tape to cover the glass where it meet with the aluminium window frame, and then cover the centre of the window with paper, taping it in place. The same goes with any area around the window that you don’t want to get paint on.

Step 4: Painting Aluminium Windows

While some DIY homeowners will want to use a spray gun to paint quickly, it is recommended that you use a paintbrush as it can produce a better coat of paint. If you have never painted anything before, it is recommend to view an instructional Youtube video of how to use a paint brush, and when you are ready, it is advised you use a small brush.

If you don’t have aluminium frames for your windows, but you plan on installing some, no need to worry about painting them because you can choose pre-painted aluminium frames.

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