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Sustainability of Aluminium Frames for Windows and Doors

October 25, 2016

When it comes to renewable resources and sustainability, high performance windows and doors are a must. Not only are meeting the current standards important, but durable qualities and low maintenance are essential. And because aluminium frames are very sustainable, many homeowners and contractors are utilizing the material for windows and doors. Moreover, aluminium frames have many other features that benefit a homeowners needs.

Decreases Carbon Footprint

Recent studies claim that aluminium windows and doors decrease the carbon footprint with energy savings offsetting original energy input by over 100 times. For example, the energy it takes to produce aluminium frames is three times less than the energy savings during the first year. For example, over a lifetime of a building, it is estimated that the energy savings are over 100 times the initial energy input to make them. Also, homes with electrical heating and cooling in hot regions are claimed to save close to 300 times the original energy production.

High Thermal Ability

Aluminium windows and doors have a high thermal performance that meets and sometimes surpasses energy efficiency standards. In fact, studies show that they can effortlessly attain improvements in heat gain and loss through windows by 60%. The performance is far better than uPVC counterparts and costly timber.

Low Maintenance and Very Durable

Beings that aluminium is corrosion resistant, it is the ideal sustainable material for low maintenance. In effect, the material is practically invulnerable to weathering under extreme environmental conditions. Aluminium does not split, crack, swell or warp, which certifies a lengthy product life.

In addition, aluminium is very strong and durable. Plus it naturally conducts heat plus reduces the forming of condensation.

Easily Recyclable

Compared to other window and door frames, aluminum is one of the most sustainable. The recycling of aluminium is a simple process the merely requires the melting of the metal, making it an inexpensive and energy efficient method. In fact, the recycling of aluminium involves only five percent of the original energy used to create it.

Other Distinct Qualities

Aluminium frames for doors and windows is both durable and sustainable. In addition, the material has other noteworthy benefits such as:

  • Often less expensive than other framing options
  • Is a striking and trendy alternative to timber styles
  • Long lasting design choices that is strong and durable
  • A wide selection of coloured finishes that match’s home décor
  • Has a small payback period from significant performance improvements

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