How to Fix Common Problems with Aluminium Windows and Doors

July 26, 2016

Anyone who already has aluminium windows and doors installed in their home will tell you that the material is virtually maintenance free. Unlike wood that rots, or iron that rusts, aluminium is a more reliable and a long-lasting option. However, in order to ensure that your doors and windows stay at their prime for years to come, it is critical to look for small problems and get them resolved before they become serious.

Here is a list of common problems with aluminium windows and doors that you can fix yourself.

Frame Joint Seals

More often than not, deteriorating frame joint seals cause more problems with aluminium doors and windows than anything else. The expansion and contraction of these seals in varying weather makes them prone to damage, especially if you live in a moist environment. So, inspecting your frame joints for damage is something you need to do, at least once in a while because when these are damage they allow hot and cold air to enter and escape.

Also, sealant around the frame joints can become damaged or have not been applied correctly. If you are unsure, then it is always advised to seek help from a local aluminium products dealer to inspect them.

Latches and Locks

Homeowners often do not consider that the latches and locks on windows and doors to be a serious problems, but they can be, especially if these cease to function properly; security should always be a main concern. Make sure that there is no dirt or grime build-up around latches and locks because it can cause them not to close and lock properly. If these become damaged in any way, these should be replaced with new ones.


While aluminium does not rust, it should still be maintained regularly to ensure that dirt, grime, and any small debris do not find their way into the frame joints, locks and latches to cause damage.

Crack Glass

If the glass of your aluminium windows and doors cracks, especially near or inside the frame, it needs to be replaced because even a small crack can break the whole piece of glass, especially if it is near the frame joints. While it is possible to replace the glass in your windows or doors yourself, it is highly recommended that you hire an aluminium fabricator to install it for you, just to be sure. They have the experience to remove and replace glass, and can obtain the exact size needed.

Here at Austral Aluminium Products, we specialise in all types of aluminium doors and windows, and we can repair or replace these if needed for residential or commercial buildings. Please call us today, we welcome inquires.

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